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San-T-Ree Stripe Jackpot

From Cat World Weekley #41 1982
'San-T-Ree' hits the Swedish Jackpot

San-T-Ree Stripe Jackpot a chocolate tabby point Siamese born in June 1979, has been choosen as Sweden's Cat of the Year and 2 more years.
Two cats came to the final, the other being Champion Perzanowow's Pan Owski, a blue Longhair, born in June 1977.
San-T-Ree is own and bread by one of the most famous breeders of Siamese in Sweden, Eiwor Andersson, Mölnlycke, who lives near Gothenburg.
The sire of the winner was also bred by Mrs Andersson while the dame came from Australia.
Both contestants have English backgrounds.

San-T-Ree Stripe Jackpot

San-T-Ree Power of Love, SIA n

San-T-Ree Merci, SIA n

San-T-Ree Chola, OSH b

Kattungar från 80-talet

Ivantes Bbeatrice, SIA n

San-T-Ree Fudge, OSH c 24
u. CH S*Jungelgias Bidens, OSH c 24
e. San-T-Ree Pale S
pot, OSH c 24


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